Dubrovnik known as ”the Pearl of Adriatic” situated at the southern end of the Croatian coast, full of variety, adventure, and culture. Let’s start with a brief historical overview of this unique Croatian jewel. The town was established 1.300 years ago by Greek refugees, was under control of the Byzantine Empire, Venice until the 14th century. Dubrovnik, known as a Ragusa, became an independent republic in 1358 and grew to become Venice’s rival in the Mediterranean. Today Dubrovnik is the most popular tourist destination of Croatia, listed on UNESCO Heritage List since 1979. Dubrovnik most famous feature is its City Walls considered to be the world’s most spectacular. They encircle the entire Old Town and can be walked. It is highly suggested to walk the City Walls in the morning, due to heet and high concetration of tourist. After the tour of the old town, you can spend your time in Dubrovnik museums and historic buildings. Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace, the Franciscan and Dominican Monasteries and Sponza Palace are must see in Dubrovnik! Following the tour in the old town to our next stop – the magnificient Dubrovnik Cable Car. This fast cable car leaves just north of the City Walls and brings people up to the top of Mount Srđ in less than 15 minutes. The spectacular view of the town and sunset moments are nothing less than phenomenal. Nearby Dubrovnik is Lokrum island popular among tourists and locals. Banje Beach is the beach which without question has the best views.

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Dubrovnik was the main filming location in Croatia for the famous television series ”Game of Thrones” distributed by HBO. For those who have seen the series, a visit to Dubrovnik will easily become a highlight of the trip. After playing King’s Landing, Star Wars – The Last Jedi transformed Dubrovnik walkways into a sci-fi fantasy. Recently, the Leonardo di Caprio turned the glitzy Adriatic town into the legendary Nottingham.

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